Have you heard about King? King is the successful developer and publisher of Candy Crush Saga. It is the one who made it available in various platforms like Linux, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store, Google Play and App Store. The game is like a puzzle that you need to solve in order to complete it and elevate to the next level. Candy Crush makes use of delectable candles that you can swap and crush. This sounds simple, but try the game and you will prove yourself that you are wrong. It is a fun game especially that it uses the freemium model. You can play this game without spending any money.

Candy Crush Saga makes use of freemium model, but the company mad big income by introducing various advancements to the game. If you want to excel in the game and achieve great levels, you can buy some special actions for you to be able to clear more difficult boards that you will encounter as you go higher on the levels.


“Match Three”, that’s the keyword in the Candy Crush Saga. You always need to swap adjacent candies in order to make a column or a row of three matching candies. The game is simple and easy to play. Kids,teens, and adults can play and enjoy this game. As you elevate your level, you will encounter more types of candies that keeps the game exciting and challenging.



Candy Crush Saga is a game for everyone. You can introduce this to your kids or even to your parents. This is a good game to play during your idle time. You can play the game in few minutes then pause and play again. Or, if you are really hooked into it, you can play this game for hours.