This game is the first dragon ball game which launched on PS4 as well as on other modern consoles.  Many people have a lot of expectation from this 15th dragon ball segment, and I have already played it so I am reviewing this today. I hope you like my review. The good things are; Interesting story, amazing mechanics, epic action, and completely fast paced game. There are no bad things or cons, but if I have to pick something, then it should be the audio quality.


The story is more than what we see in other fighting games. In Xenoverse, you are a fighter who ought to recover the Dragon Ball Timeline. You are immediately acquainted with a character named Trunks, who is the person who requested a partner in his battle to keep the timeline from going to pieces. After a few events, it gets to be evident that the disturbances are brought on by Towa as well as the Mira, whose names are familiar to me as I already played the online version of Dragon Ball. The game is about TOKI TOKI city, where you will meet different characters and interact with them; some of them also act like mentors as you become their student. The story is cool and interesting.


The city is amazingly decorated and you will be able customize a few things like the race as well as the character. The fighting parts are 3d and are utterly smooth; the visuals are remarkable. All the fighting events are breathtaking and the credit goes to the developers who have designed great graphics. The architecture of this game is sybaritic, which is great when playing on modern consoles. For all those who are waiting for this game on their old consoles should consider buying new consoles, to fully enjoy the graphics as well as the gameplay. This is completely a different Dragon Ball game with immaculate effects and venerable fighting.

Bottom Line

In genuine Dragon Ball style, the battles as well as the fights are impressive and swift, and also sufficiently changed with a lot of aptitudes to experiment with. The broad character inventor truly makes it personalized game, contradicted to playing a character from the series, which is still conceivable in the parallel missions. This makes the story interesting and engaging, with the Skilling properties and level ups, including another layer of RPG elements. The ‘Toki Toki’ City center makes it feel more than just a fighting game, while additionally giving you simple access to boatloads of things, aptitudes and bounty more. Generally, Dragon Ball Xenoverse conveys a great fight framework in a beautiful (and extremely destructible) bundle. However, you most likely won’t appreciate it as much without being acquainted with the Dragon Ball standard.