Magicka, the farcical series where wizards need to call upon the powers of nature and past to blend up some cleric spells, is back!! The first series was adored for its intelligent humor, style and obviously the spell casting, where you needed to consolidate diverse components so as to create fancy magic. Now with the latest release of Magicka, we need to learn the spell again.


With the wizard populace reduced to almost zero, a few wizards stay in the vestiges of Aldrheim under the eye of Vlad, who is a suspected vampire. The globe has become acclimated to “living with no magic”. Regardless, an evil power is sneaking over the Midgard. So the remaining wizards should do something to save the world. As per the prophecy, a kid with great magical powers will be born, who will finish all the evil forces. But, he should not be killed as this would lead to the darkness forever. So the story is completely simple, but it has some great witty elements that make the game interesting.


It is an action game and you need to save the world. The logic is simple and the story is basic, but the gameplay is quite fascinating. I really enjoyed playing this game and that is why I am reviewing it. What I liked the most about this game is its story mode, which can be changed in between the chapters. The stages are challenging, but you get many checkpoints; so dying is not a problem. After completing the story, I started playing challenge mode, which is more difficult than the story, but if you want to change the pace, then it can make you happy. It is a short game which can be completed in just three hours. I suggest you to play this game with other players online because that makes the best co-op action. You can likewise host this game and invite others to play with you online.

Bottom Line

It is a fun as well as a simple game, or I would say a cute game with great co-op action. The replay value is great as well, which means this game is not boring. All in all,  it will be a decent adventure for you and your mates. The game is in Trend, and my rating is seven out of ten; three points cut due to the lack of instruction and difficult controls.