Kylotonn games have designed and developed many games and are gurus of this department. Motorcycle racing is all about “Typical racing” and hardly about customization, so start the engine and reach the finish line first. The game has a typical story where you are a member of a club. The club is going through the crisis and only you can expand it by completing races as well as buying new bikes by winning races. You can customize your logo, team’s colors, as well as the outfit. So basically your team needs to win the races.


I think the game is lacking the graphics; the scenery is not much appealing to me. Frankly speaking, I expected more than what I should because, these days we are prone to see graphically intense games. Though you can change the colors of your bikes, rides, and so on; a bit dreary. The graphic module is somewhat cooler as the game is garnished with some amazing effects, but the scenery is not attractive. Apart from this, everything is butter smooth and the effects are good.


Your club is more of a garage and there are no tutorials; however, you can get to know about the controls through the text in the extra menu. The explanation is also little; that is why I above mentioned that the game is just about racing. There are three types of bikes; custom bike, Superbike, and the roadster. All of them have their advantages and you can change them between the races. The roadster is good for rough racing, Superbike is ideal for speeding, and custom is great for cracked and broken asphalt. So basically you can choose a type of bike according to your preferences. There are championships, time trials, and quick racing options are available to enjoy racing. There is no need to unlock the tracks, which means you can easily master all the tracks.


It has neat mechanics. It comes with jaunty and rakish angle. The gameplay is good. However, there is no compelling story. You don’t have any particular motive, but you have an objective to expand the club as well as a goal to make it successful. But still, the game is giving the appearance of decrepitude. I liked this game because I was bored with other games and I really like racing with no motive. If you like motorcycle racing or if you are getting bored with arcade games, then you should definitely try motorcycle club.