AOEAH Rocket League

AOEAH market place is our favorite to buy and sell Rocket League items. Instead of buying and selling from actual players we always either buy or sell items and crates directly from or to AOEAH.

Since you don’t deal with other players it is more like buying things online from any type of webshop. You can expect a safe service with delivery guarantee. If in a rare case something goes wrong and there is an error – AOEAH support will be able to resolve the problem and issue refunds.

AOEAH offer products on over 28 games including Rocket League. They offer 5 different currencies including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and have 30+ payment methods.

We award AOEAH a 5 star rating due to the safety and vast offering of Rocket League crates and Rocket League items, as it’s by far the shop with the widest variety. and price wise, no one else comes close! The prices are unbeatable and come with an extraordinarily fast delivery. The AOEAH transaction fee is 0%, you pay the price you see, just like a normal webshop.


Buying and Selling


You can buy Rocket League items with cash or keys via AOEAH. There are no transaction fees on AOEAH as you can see in the table above. The price you see for each item is what you pay. You can sell Rocket League items with cash or keys as well.

You can buy and sell Rocket League items on Steam, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and more.

RLCrate assures that buying and selling items via AOEAH is OK since it is impossible for Psyonix to disover the breach.

Customer Service

AOEAH offers four different ways to contact a customer service agent. The quickest way is their 24-hour live chat service, where a friendly, knowledgeable agent will assist you in a minute or less. If you aren’t comfortable using the built-in live chat service, AOEAH offers three other ways to contact them: telephone, email and Skype. However, it can take up to 48 to 72 hours for a customer service agent to respond to your question. You’ll find that AOEAH customer service agents are friendly and knowledgeable no matter which customer service option you choose.

User Friendly

AOEAH is extremely user friendly and the design is gorgeous, you’ll never have any problems finding anything you might want to buy or sell. You can access the website from any OS or device.